FIT-P Soldier Testimonial

Mo Fit P GraphicFIT-P Soldier Testimonial

I have been a member of the National Guard for 12 years now. I have struggled with my weight and PT for about the last 6 being able to pass one test and fail the next and a constant back and forth. I was able to attend the FIT-P course in 2017 and the amount of knowledge I gained was life changing. I had the lowest weight I’d been at for the last 9 years after that course and the best PT score since AIT. I felt better about myself and my career and every aspect of my life improved. Then in November 2017 I hurt my back. I was on profile for months and all the weight came back. The struggles came back. The lack of confidence came back. I did everything I could to get back into shape and even received a coin for one of the FIT-P competitions. However civilian life took over. During 2018 I started a separation and divorce from my wife of 18 years. Stress and anxiety and depression kicked in most of the year and I struggled with weight and PT yet again. Life sucked in general. In August during the run portion of my PT test the stress, heat, and health created an opportunity for a blood clot to pass into my heart clogging it and I passed out on the course. I spent two days in the cardiac center in Springfield. After months of recovery I was finally released to get back to physical exercise. I didn’t need a specialist. I didn’t need a fad diet. I didn’t need some shake or pill or special energy bar. I used the exact methods that were taught to me by FIT-P trainers. I used MyFitnessPal to track my food and MapMyRun to track my workouts. I watched calories and all my macros and nutrients that I had no idea about before FIT-P. I did what I needed to do and in one months’ time I lost 11 pounds and this morning I passed my PT test. In spite of weight gain. In spite of injuries and health scares. In spite of all the outside stresses and struggles. I am a 37-year-old single dad raising three teenage boys by himself. I have one full time job and three part time jobs. Because of FIT-P I still manage to schedule the time I need to get back to where I need to be. I will continue to lose weight and better myself because of the knowledge this program has given me.

You guys deserve more thanks than can be given. I truly hope that every soldier you work with is able to dive into your knowledge and gain the wisdom you can provide. It’s not just the times that we put on this uniform that you are helping these soldiers. It’s everyday life too. It’s the families like my three boys that get to keep their dad for a little longer because of what he learned from you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep doing what you are doing team. You change lives everyday.

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