Challenge log-in help

Hello!  Some people have had trouble joining the challenge online.  Here are step by step instructions.  If you still have issues, please email and we will add you from the challenge admin side.

Helpful tip:  log out of the challenge from a computer (not your phone), type in the full address: and follow these steps. page 1.PNG
2.  Check the boxes next to the challenges that you wish to join and click enroll page 2.PNG
3.  The above screen should appear.  The pop-up box describes the options for signing-in
(if you have a challenge runner account) or for enrolling as a new member.  Click the ‘x’ to
close the pop-up.  New members may register on the right side, current members may log in
on the left side.  Please do complete all information when registering.
Again, please email if you still have trouble logging in!

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